In order to use HEARTCOUNT's Advanced Analytics Service, you have to upload your "Campaign" first. 😊

1. Saving Campaigns

You can save campaigns when you have at least one campaign credit (while using a Premium Plan of HEARTCOUNT). The number of credits you have determines the number of campaigns you can save (for the Premium Plus+ plan, there's no limit on the numbers of storable campaigns).

Click on the blue 'Upload this Campaign' button below to save your campaign on the HEARTCOUNT server. If you don't save your campaign, all the analysis will disappear once you close your browser.

Saved campaigns can be viewed and deleted from the 'Campaign Management' tab, and you can also switch between different campaigns. Each account can store up to 15 campaigns.

2. Advanced Settings

When saving a campaign, you can set the following advanced options:

  • Data Obfuscation: Choose whether to obfuscate (anonymize) the dataset before uploading it to the server.

What is data obfuscation?

This feature automatically obfuscates sensitive data before it's uploaded to the cloud server, ensuring only the obfuscated data is stored. This allows users to analyze data with HEARTCOUNT confidently from anywhere.

  • Upload Filtered Dataset: If filtering is applied, you can choose to upload only the filtered records/variables or remove all filters and then upload.

  • Recreate Derived Variables: If the above option is ON, you can choose whether to recreate derived variables like bin/percentile, which are automatically generated by HEARTCOUNT, based on the filtered dataset.

3. Campaign Management

Think of campaign management as a folder on your computer used for organizing files, but in HEARTCOUNT, these files are campaigns. Register multiple files as campaigns, and then, whenever you wish, move between different campaigns, delete them, or organize the ones you've registered. This is the ideal tab for such tasks.

You can view the campaigns you've registered through the second tab on the left, 'Manage Campaign'.

  1. Delete Campaign: If too many campaigns are registered, it might overload the server. It's advisable to delete unnecessary campaigns. HEARTCOUNT recommends having no more than 15 campaigns per account.

  2. Activate Campaign: When you select a campaign you want to analyze, you'll notice the active campaign name next to the user ID on the right changes. After that, you can start your desired analysis from the left menu.

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