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Are you curious about what sets HEARTCOUNT Premium apart from the free version? If so, you can find out all the details on this page.

HEARTCOUNT Premium enables you to save campaigns for ongoing analysis.

  • Easily save your work with a click and manage campaigns at your convenience. The number of saves you get depends on your plan, ranging from 15 to unlimited with Premium Plus.

  • For enhanced security, enable data obfuscation during campaign creation.

  • Bookmark valuable analysis results within campaigns for easy retrieval, even export visualizations as HTML files.

Not just visualizations, but also get automated analytic functions.

  • Register KPIs for unique automatic analysis and pattern discovery, with the capacity to manage up to 5 or 10 KPIs based on your account type.

  • Understand KPI relationships with other variables in simple terms, strategize on maximizing/minimizing KPIs, and define distinct groups to compare data.

Discover more with HEARTCOUNT Premium

Start your 1-month free trial and unlock more value from your data with HEARTCOUNT Premium. Upgrade after experiencing the full suite of tools. Note that the free trial is limited to one per account.

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