🚩Data Obfuscation

Please note! Important Notice: The data obfuscation feature is exclusive to the Premium (paid) version of HEARTCOUNT. In the free version, datasets uploaded are not stored on our servers and will be automatically removed upon closing the browser.

1. What is Data Obfuscation?

Many hesitate to adopt cloud services due to concerns about leaks of sensitive/personal information (security issues). HEARTCOUNT offers a data obfuscation feature to ensure users can confidently analyze data online from anywhere.

2. Uploading Data to the Server after Obfuscation

When saving a campaign, you can click on advanced settings to turn the obfuscation feature on/off. If set to obfuscation, only the obfuscated file, not the original one, is stored on the server.

Let's try saving the campaign after checking the obfuscation option.

  • A message will pop up suggesting you download the modified data, which has been obfuscated, not the original data. Please click on "download".

  • Upon successful execution, click "OK".

Now, instead of uploading your original data that might raise security concerns, you can upload the obfuscated data and utilize HeartCount. You have the option to decide whether to store the obfuscated data in the current browser memory.

Curious about HeartCount's unique data obfuscation feature? (Click)

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