HEARTCOUNT Public is a free, cloud-based data analytics tool that enables you to perform rapid, easy, code-free and in-depth exploratory data analysis(EDA) on your own data.
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Explore Millions of Data Points at the Speed of Thought

The core design principle of HEARTCOUNT is to let the users describe, explore, and summarize the given dataset at the speed of thought, not at the speed constrained by data architecture of the tool. Therefore, the user can completely forget about the underlying technology and mechanics, and solely focus on asking relevant questions to the data and interpreting what’s revealed in front of their eyes.

- How Does It Work

HEARTCOUNT prepares and stores the complete dataset and and associated meta data in the browser’s memory so that the user can keep asking new questions(i.e., mapping new variables to the visual elements; sales variable to Y-axis, product_category variable to X-axis, and other variables to color, size, etc.) without any noticeable delay.
To further elaborate, our proprietary visualization engine interprets user’s question(i.e., data_values to visual_elements mapping) and renders the corresponding and context-aware visualization on the fly: HEARTCOUNT is the only tool in the world that can interactively visualize over 10,000,000 individual records (instead of showing only the aggregated or randomly clipped data).

- See Both the Forest and Trees

Understand the big picture then zoom into the relationship you want to dig deeper. You don't have to limit yourself to an aggregated representation of your data. As you freely explore the data at individual record level, you will encounter uncertainty inherent in your data and discover more pragmatic and non-obvious patterns.

What You Can Do with HEARTCOUNT

HEARTCOUNT provides you a variety of easy and powerful data visualization technologies. Take a quick look at what HEARTCOUNT can do for you in this section.

- Just Ask Your Data

You don't need to look far to determine which of HEARTCOUNT's potent features is ideal for your analytical queries. By using the "Ask Data" feature, HEARTCOUNT will instantly present the best visualization to address your questions.
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